What are the advantages of ALLPOWERS compared to other power suppliers


Other company

1 strengths of brand strength

In recent years, the company vigorously i mplement the brand strategy, with a strong R & D Advantages quickly among the ranks of international brands

1 lack of brand strength

The company is more paper company, the strength is insufficient, the service is not good, Some non brand by cheating

2 entrepreneurial simple advantage

Integration of various marketing resources, comprehensive counseling store location, Field analysis of the value of the District, to provide tec

2 cumbersome process

Such companies to join the process of trouble, the description is not clear

3 product development advantage

Accurate grasp of market positioning, market research, carefully designed: Develop unique products, leading the market trend. Energy saving ring

3 products have no advantage

No registered name, shoddy, did not pay himWhat happened to them

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1 small shop wholesale
2 outdoor supplies energy suppliers
3 reconstruction of large solar energy equipment
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