Which kind of devices can be charged by fold solar panel charger?

We have 2 series fold solar panel charger, 5V series and 18V series . 5V series fold solar panel charger suit for smart phones, tablets, external battery packs, power banks and other 5V devices.  18V series fold solar panel charger suit for 12V car battery, 18~19V laptops(different power version can charge different laptops).

How to use the fold solar panel charger?

Every fold solar panel charger has USB or DC output ports embedded in a regulator. You can open the fold solar panel charger, put it under the sunlight(Please make sure the panel is vertical face the the sunlight), then, connect your device with USB cable or laptop connect cable directly. The fold solar panel charger can charge your devices directly.

Could the fold solar panel charger will damage to my devices when charging?

The iSolar smart regulator(embedded in fold solar panel charger) can adjust the output currant according different devices automatically. Also it can control the output current is stable. So, you don't need worry it will damage your devices.

How long it can charge full a device?

The charging speed is depend on sunlight and devices acceptation. Such as 5V 10W fold solar panel charge will cost about 2~3 hours can charge a iPhone 6s(capacity is 1810mAh) in the summer day time(sunlight unit is about 70000LUX or above). We also have many models suit for different devices, you can according your devices input power to choose best one.

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